Friday, July 8, 2011

Multiplication Frenzy

This is my maths we were doing something called multiplication frenzy

Mark 1:15

1) The kingdom is God’s palace ( AKA heaven). To get to God’s kingdom you have to answer his question and the question is. Will you be my child? And if you say yes you’ll be able to be God’s kingdom.
2)Jesus is coming to preach God’s word tell the people to answer God’s question. Like it says above.

3)Ask God to forgive your sin and turn away from the wrong things you did to someone.
Today we were learning about how to get to God's Kingdom

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our special celebration in ROOM 8.

On a windy day the Room 8 had a celebration of the Eucharist in our classroom, yes our classroom became our church for the morning. The time was Friday the 10th June 2011 10:30 am. It was a small mass, with a small altar. Luckily we had to sit on chairs. The mass was very nice. It was a very personal way to celebrate Mass.My classmates read ever clearly when the read about Pentecost and Father help us learn more about the mass as he explain how there are four main parts to the Mass and this wonderful lesson about something which special about being Catholic.By the time it came to the liturgy of the Eucharist we had to take the Eucharist ourselves and sever the Blood of Christ to each other and wipe the cup that we drank from. When the Liturgy of the Eucharist finish we were moving near the closing prayer.Our last song that we sung was call “Christ be our Light” after Father Iousefa was telling us about what happens at the mass. I like celebrate Mass in our class during the summer time.

Kite making

To make a Kite you will need.


A piece of Paper
Two Sticks
And a piece of string.


Process: method

Cut the paper into two triangle on each side.
Put the two stick on each line of the triangle.
Stick the two sticks with sticky tape on the bottom and the top.
Now get the piece of string and stick it on the edge of each side.
Tie a know near the top.
Decorate it and fly it.

I see you outside and hope the test flight goes well.

The day Mary MacKillop came to St Pius X Catholic School!

It was a nice morning and I knew this would be a enjoyable Thursday in May 2011. I just arrived and the Mary MacKillop show was just about to start. I had to walk in quietly so people would focus there eyes on the stage and not look around at me as I found a place where to sit. I turned back to my friend (Ascott). He moved down so I can sit next to him.

One of the actors named Scott, caught our attention. He was talking. He said. "I’ll introduce my self, I’m Scott and my friend’s name is Julia. Where is Julia?" Julia's hand poked out of the side, we shouted "There over there!!!" as he turned around Julia's hand disappeared "Where?" he asked. Suddenly Julia's hand poked "There!!!!" The children screamed. He did the same thing. "My friend Julia will be Mary MacKillop not me." Scott said. He went to the back of the scene and Julia came out dressed as a nun. She came out in a billy cart, "Woo wee!" Mary Macolip (Julia) said as she rushed out. She look at our uniform and said "Those are some flash clothes." she said.

After that, “Hi my name is Mary MacKillop” said Julia acting. Kelly that was the boy selling matches “Matches for sale!(x2)” said Kelly, Mary (Julia) looked at him and said. “Shouldn't you be at school?” “Aah...” Kelly said “Well.” said Mary (Julia) “I’m sick.” Kelly said “Then how come you are not at home?” said Mary (Julia) “Because my mom thinks I’m at school.” said Kelly. “Matches for 1 penny!” Kelly called “I have a penny.” Mary said. “Ooh aah.” Kelly looked lost while talking. He threw the box in the air, surprisingly she caught it. She flick a penny and he missed it, (*Depressing sound*) She said “Now what is you name?” “First name, Kelly, Last name, Kelly, Middle name..” “Kelly!” The children shouted “No. Me middle name is Susan.” We were laughing. Long story short, they were talking about Mary MacKillop (St Mary of the Cross)
and that is it, Last they had questions.

It was a awesome show in our school hall......and awesome show.

Goals are Good

Chapter 1

Goals are good because they help us to set aims for success which is something that we haven’t achieve that forms our goal. If we have a goal we have to finish it by the end of the year. When we have achieved that goal, that goal is as easy as 1 + 1. When you have successfully finished that goal you have to set a new one.

Chapter 2

There are lots of Goals.There are Spelling goals, Writing goals, etc. Everybody has goals, for a example. ( Thomas Edison, his goal was to make a Light Bulb and he accomplished it). So many people use goals as they help them move forward and know when they have learned new stuff.

Chapter 3

This is the last chapter about goals. I think goals are good and as I have accomplished my goals I have achieved my aims by writing a book now . What goal do you have?

The end.


Goals - If you are not good at something you have to set a Goal.

Achieve - If you finish a goal you will have Achieved the goal.

Successfully - If you have done something well and you finish it you’ll be Successful.

Accomplished - If you have Accomplished something you will achieved you goal.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mother Days Poem

Roses are red, violets are blue, honey is sweet and so are you mom.
Thank you for being with me and doing things that I request.

Dear mom,
Thank you for being with me and thank you for making my lunch. I hope you have a nice day.
Loving much, I love you mom.

Love Mona.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Litter Poem

Is so not good for the earth
Terror of rubbish
Irresponsible people
So not good for the trees
Beautiful plants die if you litter
A very bad thing to do
Do no litter ever
To unhealthy
Optional choice. To litter or not.
Littering is the worst thing to do
It is not the right thing to do.
To do the right thing is not to litter.
The right way is no littering
Everyone doesn't litter
Remember not to litter.