Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The day Mary MacKillop came to St Pius X Catholic School!

It was a nice morning and I knew this would be a enjoyable Thursday in May 2011. I just arrived and the Mary MacKillop show was just about to start. I had to walk in quietly so people would focus there eyes on the stage and not look around at me as I found a place where to sit. I turned back to my friend (Ascott). He moved down so I can sit next to him.

One of the actors named Scott, caught our attention. He was talking. He said. "I’ll introduce my self, I’m Scott and my friend’s name is Julia. Where is Julia?" Julia's hand poked out of the side, we shouted "There over there!!!" as he turned around Julia's hand disappeared "Where?" he asked. Suddenly Julia's hand poked "There!!!!" The children screamed. He did the same thing. "My friend Julia will be Mary MacKillop not me." Scott said. He went to the back of the scene and Julia came out dressed as a nun. She came out in a billy cart, "Woo wee!" Mary Macolip (Julia) said as she rushed out. She look at our uniform and said "Those are some flash clothes." she said.

After that, “Hi my name is Mary MacKillop” said Julia acting. Kelly that was the boy selling matches “Matches for sale!(x2)” said Kelly, Mary (Julia) looked at him and said. “Shouldn't you be at school?” “Aah...” Kelly said “Well.” said Mary (Julia) “I’m sick.” Kelly said “Then how come you are not at home?” said Mary (Julia) “Because my mom thinks I’m at school.” said Kelly. “Matches for 1 penny!” Kelly called “I have a penny.” Mary said. “Ooh aah.” Kelly looked lost while talking. He threw the box in the air, surprisingly she caught it. She flick a penny and he missed it, (*Depressing sound*) She said “Now what is you name?” “First name, Kelly, Last name, Kelly, Middle name..” “Kelly!” The children shouted “No. Me middle name is Susan.” We were laughing. Long story short, they were talking about Mary MacKillop (St Mary of the Cross)
and that is it, Last they had questions.

It was a awesome show in our school hall......and awesome show.

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