Monday, June 27, 2011

FIVE FINGER BOOK this book to hard to read...

Hi, today in our reading time we look at how the five finger test works. Have you every bought a book or been given a book and found it to difficult to read. Well the five finger test will help you.

The five finger test works like this.....
1) Open the book and select a page at random.
2) Look at the words on the page , if you see 5 words you do not know
then this book will be to difficult for you to read.3) Place your finger and thumb on each the words you do not know.
Now read here is my short book review
Goosebumps Survival GuideIt is a horroistic book.It will be your guide and help you through sticky situation at HORROR LAND. It tells you who on your on your side and NOT. So be aware for the next one.By Salamona

Monday, June 20, 2011


I was reading news the other day and said.... “By IB Times Staff Reporter | Jun 16, 2011 10:10 AM EDT Spectators across the world were treated with an event of their lifetime on June 15. In what, astronomer’s term as a spectacular show, the white moon turned blood red as the longest lunar eclipse in a decade as unfolded on Wednesday night.”

So I read up on these events.

An eclipse is an astronomical event obscured. It is a shadow between the moon and the sun. There is not just one there are lots Lunar, Annular, Total, and Hybrid Eclipse. The Eclipse occur on other planets.

If there is red moon it is saying “There is going to be a Lunar Eclipse.” So you watch for it.

An annular eclipse occurs when the moon and sun are exactly meet in-line, but the moon will look smaller then so the dark moon will have bigger flames around the moon.

A total eclipse occurs when the dark silhouette of the moon completely cover the sun. Now the Hybrid is a rare Eclipse, it occurs between a annular/total eclipse.

So now you have learnt a little about eclipses.

I look forward to the the next partial eclipse which will occur on July 1, 2011.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Science Buoyancy

This is a story about how we were learning about Buoyancy (Floating or Sinking) at science!

On a lovely day ” Room 6 we were sitting on the mat when Miss Oldfield said “Okay. Class what does buoyancy mean?” We gave it a good try but they got it wrong. Miss said “It means float or sink.” Next she was telling us about the instructions that would help us discover the mystery. When Miss Oldfield gave us our sheets and junk. “ Okay.” Miss Oldfield announced “when I say ‘Drop’ you’ll have to drop it understood?” “Yes Miss Oldfield.” We replied and she gave us some pebbles. We knew what it was going to “Sink” when we drop it in “SINK.” Rugrats (the group I was in) It sunk “WHOOP WHOOP!” Room 6 shouted. (Conclusion) Rugrats got a lot wrong.

Friday, June 10, 2011

SCHOOL VACATION..what a break!

It was a nice sunny holiday... I think... I should really stop putting three dots after every sentence... Aww stop doing that... I am getting fed up with the dots! Yay no more dots... Never-mind.

OK it was a lovely days for the two weeks of the holidays.

I was playing on my PSP for 24/7. I almost finished my game so I begged my mum to buy me a new game, it is only $20... Wait this isn’t part of my recount.
I was playing my game when it started to rain. We went to the library. I borrowed lots of comic books, but I didn't get to read my goosebumps book. So the next day I begged my mum to let me go to my cousins house. I begged her so much that she said “Yes” . So I stayed there for a night doing the same thing. Getting up to watch some t.v, then playing on the computer for the rest of the day. The next day I left. After my Kempo (Marshal Arts) I came back. I did that for 2 weeks.
On my second week my mum returned my books.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Netbook Experience

On a exciting Monday Morning we were very excidted because we were getting our net books. We were waiting in Room 6 classroom waiting to get our netbooks. We saw Mr Coakley come in with Miss G and Mrs Burt. We knew that they were giving out the netbook but before I can tell you that I have to tell you something eles. It was just after Prayer time when Miss Oldfeild gave us a contarcat that had Manaiakalani on it.

She read the contract to us, when she finished she handed it to us. We were reading it through. When we finished we saw Mr Coakeley, Miss G and Mrs Burt who entered our room we got excited so excited we got impatent. When they gave us the netbooks we had to follow some instutions that Miss G gave us. One of our first instuction was to Open the box.

The next Instucton was to Gentely take the netbook out, get the charger and take the netbook out of a white protecter for the netbook. After that we opened our netbook and had a Final Countdown. When we saw a picture a we sreamed "Yay." When the picture went we all said "Awww!" The Picture came up again and we said again! "Yay"

This Time we didn’t say "awww." We had to fill some info. The first one was the new username for the netbook. The second one was password. After that we saw a note that said "You that you have completed we have to log out" So we clicked OK. The bell rang we had to go out to morning tea.

After Morning Tea we went back on our netbook and had a play we were playing tux maths Typing challenge and much much more. Afer we had a long play it was lunch time. I was saying Good-bye to my netbook.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Dear who ever gets this,
Give this to the President....

Dear Mr. President,
I am going to tell you something.D-day...We've been waiting for Baker, Legett has died and the Nazi’s are winning.Our tank engineer has died, so I have to control the tank. Everyone has died except a few people.We have been waiting for Baker and the recruites.
Now I got promoted to Sargent. Everyone's life depends on me.
Everyone died by a Nazi aeroplane, did I tell you that Baker got lost, and we almost died because our Leader said "We go at green light."I interupted "If we don't go we won't live to get to the green light!" One wing got exploded. After I said that the second wing got cut off.The green light came. Poor Baker got lost and lost his equipment.
Some other stuff happened and Germany has surrounded us and we are looking for Baker and help.
From Sarge. Hassey.