Friday, June 17, 2011

Science Buoyancy

This is a story about how we were learning about Buoyancy (Floating or Sinking) at science!

On a lovely day ” Room 6 we were sitting on the mat when Miss Oldfield said “Okay. Class what does buoyancy mean?” We gave it a good try but they got it wrong. Miss said “It means float or sink.” Next she was telling us about the instructions that would help us discover the mystery. When Miss Oldfield gave us our sheets and junk. “ Okay.” Miss Oldfield announced “when I say ‘Drop’ you’ll have to drop it understood?” “Yes Miss Oldfield.” We replied and she gave us some pebbles. We knew what it was going to “Sink” when we drop it in “SINK.” Rugrats (the group I was in) It sunk “WHOOP WHOOP!” Room 6 shouted. (Conclusion) Rugrats got a lot wrong.


  1. . It is good that in science you are studying floating and sinking as a famous mathematician call Archimedes identified why things float and sink. You should research about "Archimedes principle” and yes 1 cubic CM of water has a weight of 1 gm.

  2. it was fun wasn't it Mona I cant wait till next time!


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