Friday, June 3, 2011


Dear who ever gets this,
Give this to the President....

Dear Mr. President,
I am going to tell you something.D-day...We've been waiting for Baker, Legett has died and the Nazi’s are winning.Our tank engineer has died, so I have to control the tank. Everyone has died except a few people.We have been waiting for Baker and the recruites.
Now I got promoted to Sargent. Everyone's life depends on me.
Everyone died by a Nazi aeroplane, did I tell you that Baker got lost, and we almost died because our Leader said "We go at green light."I interupted "If we don't go we won't live to get to the green light!" One wing got exploded. After I said that the second wing got cut off.The green light came. Poor Baker got lost and lost his equipment.
Some other stuff happened and Germany has surrounded us and we are looking for Baker and help.
From Sarge. Hassey.

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