Friday, May 6, 2011

War zone

April 1916

Kings Rd

Dear Mother,

It is April now and we have been fighting for a long time. One of my closest friends has died in the past week, Len got gassed. Last time we left the muddy trench with a hope of gaining a few more meters of land. Sadly Len has people in New New Zealand who were relying on him returning home, in a fit condition. As his Sargent, he placed his life in my hands, like the others they are dependant on me. I got shot in the in the leg before I was promoted to Sargent upon my return to the front line. Those doctors worked like magic.

The place is like we are at Ngauruhoe as it erupted. Anyway after Len got gassed he couldn't breath properly. People are here in the War zone under age so I keep a special eye out for them. My commands have peoples lives on the line.

Miss you and dad lots.


P.S: There are lots of hungry comrades in arms in our troop, so any food you can send would be appreciated.

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