Thursday, April 7, 2011

School athletics

School athletics day

The day started off as a sunny day but as the time went on it grew cloudy and before the end of the day it actually rained. On this historical day 18 March 2011 we had our school athletics. The children gathered for the athletics day with sounds of puffing and a loud “WOW!” The house teams gathered outside the classroom before they marched to the athletics track, as they marched we cheered and waved their flags and banners with pride.

The racing was really fascinating lots of kids cheering everywhere. Mrs. Pole was the announcer and she said “This is the heat for the 5 year old girls.” She announced twice. As the 5 year olds stood up and moved the air of excitement and expectation grew. “Ready... Set....” Said Mr. Gaftney “GO!” Mr Gaftney said as he clapped the blocks. The teams cheered. They couldn't handle sitting they had to, JUMP. Next it was the 5 year old boys’ heat. The air was still full of excitement. Mr Gaftney said again. “Ready... Set.... GO!” The same thing happened but Kea house cheered and chanted “P.U.M.P Pump it up to victory! (2x)” and Everyone Else were like “YAY” but I skipped the 10 years old boys and girls race as I had help someone. All of a sudden everyone was quiet...

“Ready... Set...” Mr Gaftney said “GO!” one tenth of a second later after Mr Gaftney said that there was a “YAY!” everyone was excited...But I didn’t tell why, I’ll tell you why now. It was because it was the 10 year old girls followed by the 10 year old boys. The boys had two heats. I wasn’t in the first heat. “Ready.... set...” Mr Gafteny said again.. “GO!” “YAY!” everyone screamed after 0.1 seconds. Then the boys that were waiting came up to the starting line “Ready... Set...” TO BE CONTINUED............ ….. Not really. :’) back to the story. Mr Gaftney said “GO!” There were only 3 of us so we all got to the final.

It was the final my leg was telling me to stop as I was in pain but I didn’t care “Ready... Set.”. “GO!” We all had a perfect start my ankle started to hurt so I slowed down as it was so PAIN FUL but I was near the finish line I started to increase my speed level so little and crossed the line and I stopped... I was puffed. After that I decided that I’ll skip rather than run the 200 meter race... It was time for the 200 meter race and I walked to the start line as I was protecting my injured ankle. Mr. Gafteny counted down. Bang the race started slowly I jogged but everyone was sprinting while I was jogging the pain level was too much for me to sprint. The finish line was a meter away. I sprinted for my life but unfortunately I came last.

Next time I heard Mrs. Pole announce a race it’s was time for the 400 meter race. My last race because I wasn't in the rally team. Anyway I started off like before with the throbbing pain in my ankle but at the end I was not tired so I sprinted for my life again. I will skip the rest of the day so...

Well you must come along next year as you enjoy seeing out school perform with pride and enthusiasm.
The end. By salamona

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