Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Netbook Experience

On a exciting Monday Morning we were very excidted because we were getting our net books. We were waiting in Room 6 classroom waiting to get our netbooks. We saw Mr Coakley come in with Miss G and Mrs Burt. We knew that they were giving out the netbook but before I can tell you that I have to tell you something eles. It was just after Prayer time when Miss Oldfeild gave us a contarcat that had Manaiakalani on it.

She read the contract to us, when she finished she handed it to us. We were reading it through. When we finished we saw Mr Coakeley, Miss G and Mrs Burt who entered our room we got excited so excited we got impatent. When they gave us the netbooks we had to follow some instutions that Miss G gave us. One of our first instuction was to Open the box.

The next Instucton was to Gentely take the netbook out, get the charger and take the netbook out of a white protecter for the netbook. After that we opened our netbook and had a Final Countdown. When we saw a picture a we sreamed "Yay." When the picture went we all said "Awww!" The Picture came up again and we said again! "Yay"

This Time we didn’t say "awww." We had to fill some info. The first one was the new username for the netbook. The second one was password. After that we saw a note that said "You that you have completed we have to log out" So we clicked OK. The bell rang we had to go out to morning tea.

After Morning Tea we went back on our netbook and had a play we were playing tux maths Typing challenge and much much more. Afer we had a long play it was lunch time. I was saying Good-bye to my netbook.

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