Monday, June 27, 2011

FIVE FINGER BOOK this book to hard to read...

Hi, today in our reading time we look at how the five finger test works. Have you every bought a book or been given a book and found it to difficult to read. Well the five finger test will help you.

The five finger test works like this.....
1) Open the book and select a page at random.
2) Look at the words on the page , if you see 5 words you do not know
then this book will be to difficult for you to read.3) Place your finger and thumb on each the words you do not know.
Now read here is my short book review
Goosebumps Survival GuideIt is a horroistic book.It will be your guide and help you through sticky situation at HORROR LAND. It tells you who on your on your side and NOT. So be aware for the next one.By Salamona

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