Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog Part 1

In the future in a different universe there is a fast blue hedgehog named Sonic. Sonic is fighting a man shaped like an egg named Dr. Eggman, Sonic is running. Going past his robots, turning into a ball smashing all the robot. His Friends come “Sonic!” Said His rose friend named Amy. Prower “Tail” Miles was going to crash into a rock... BOOM! “Aha!” They went through the rock but how? “Knuckles!” Tail said I was Knuckles the Echidna “We got to help Sonic.” “Hoho. Sonic you’ll never get me.”... BOOM! “S-s-sonic” “Surprised to see me Eggman.” Sonic said “Get him boys!” Sonic was running he got the golden ring. He turned into a ball. SMASH! CRASH! BOOM! “Hoho, when I press this button I will disintegrate you Hoho!” Eggman said. Sonic smashed the control. “You fool you doom us all!” “Soinc help.” His rabbit friend named Cream was asking Sonic for help. They all disappeard.
“Where am I?” Sonic said. SCREECH! “Hey what are you doing here?” One person said. All these people were chattering. “Hmm, I wonder where I am?” “Hello little fella. I won’t hurt you you’ll come with me, do you like that?” The police man said. “Man this guy is weird.” Sonic said. Swoop. The net gotten Sonic. “I caught him boss.” The Police officer said. “These guy are acting weird.” Sonic said sitting on the car. “Hey, were is he?” Soinc was running like the speed of sound. The F-1 team came to capture him. He was running they came zoom but no past because he zoomed past them. He jumped on the F-1 “Hey this is bad for the kids!” The F-1 man said. “Kids don’t try to run over a hedgehog with a F-1.” Sonic was going so fast he fell in the water. He try to run out but... To late he’s already at the bottom.

A human came out of the water. “Err... Where am I?” Sonic said. “Wow he can talk!” Said the human. “Oh I forgot to tell you my name, I’m Christopher. What’s your name?” Christopher said. “I’m Sonic the Hedgehog.” Sonic said. “So where do you come from?” Christopher said. “I-I don’t know.” “Where am I?” Sonic asked. “You’re on planet Earth.” Christophe answered. “Where’s Eggman!?” “I have no time” Sonic said. He ran he fell in a hole. “Help!” Sonic said. “There is no use.” Said A black hedgehog out of the shadow.


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