Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nazi Zombie

Today is March 20 2020 . My name is Chals Bunion. I am 10 years old and related to Paul Bunion. I live in New Zealand. The President of U.S.A Salamona Timu, declared "That the Nuzis have came back to life. They first targeted Great Britain for revenge. They’re moving on to South to America . So we called in A.S.S (Agents of Secret Stuff). In the team we have the 1 A.S.S.H.O.L.E (HOLE Honorary Operative Listens Entitlement), and Tracey (It is a mans name). He is the leader of A.S.S .

March 20 2020. 1900 Hours- Salamona Timu said " A.S.S had failed. We only got to capture one. The scientist had ran some tests on him and studied that they are zombies, so we called in A.K.Z (Agents that Kills Zombies). The Nazis Zombies is moving south to Chilie to evade New Zealand. Get your Gas mask ready." I asked my mum "Mum what happens when the Zombie come to New Zealand?" "We will have to evacuate." "What dose evacuate mean mum?" "It means we have to go somewhere else." "But where are we going?" "Well you and your sister Sophie will have to go to China, and me and dad is going to stay here at the war.

March 22 2020. 900 hours- We are at school evacuating we got our gas mask. In case Nuzis Zombies dose a bombing. When I got on the train I was home sick already. But it was for my own good, but I hope mum and dad will be alright. 1000 hours- We made a stop to Auckland airport. But why? They told us to get our bags and put them on a converter belt. I asked my teacher Mr. Chris “Where are we going?” “Why it don’t know Charls.” 1200 hours- We are on the plane. My class got split up. I looked down at Auckland. I could see Zombies, but I couldn’t see mum and dad. There were a lot of people in the plane. Where were my friends?

There was a weird man sitting next to me. I asked him “What is going to happen when we get to the other place?” He didn’t answer. “Where are we going?” He didn’t answer again. I went to sleep. 1400 hours- I woke from the impact from the landing. “Where are we?” I asked. “We’re at China.” I said Good-Bye to the man. As I walked I watched him slowly taking off his hood... more and more came off. ‘Oh my gosh’ I thought, because he was a Zombie Nazi. But not any Nazi Zombie, it was Hitler. I didn’t think I got the emergency gun and kill him. We watched the News and They said ‘All the Zombie died!’ Everyone was cheering for me because I saved the world.

Year 2030- Everything is back to normal and I am 20 years old and have saved the world. I have graduated from University. Now the President of U.S.A has died and I am now the youngest President

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