Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blood Brothers

You can see a tear coming down my cheek as I was clapping.

Act 1:
Liverpool 1960, Mrs Johnstone got married, but not so long after her husband walked out on her for someone else. She didn’t have enough money for the milk so she had to work for a wealthy family, Mr and Mrs Lyons. When she finished working the doctor told Mrs Johnstone that she was pregnant with twins. She was so shocked. She didn’t have enough money to feed her second child. She told Mrs Lyon about it the next day. Mrs Lyon had and brilliant but cunning idea. She told Mrs Johnstone to give one of her twins to her. Mrs Johnstone accepted it and swore to the bible. When the new arrivals came Mrs Johnstone was late on pay. They came and took everything away. Mrs Lyon came and took away one of the babies. Mrs Johnstone couldn’t watch so she turned away.

They grew up Mrs Johnstone named her child Michael (Micky) and Mr and Mrs Lyon named their child Edward (Eddie). Mr Johnstone got fired so she doesn’t want Micky to hang around where Eddie lived. But Micky did with his brother Sammy. He got into trouble. Eddie followed Mickey to his house and Micky asked if he could have some. Eddie says he could and the become Best Friends. They found out that they have the same birthday. So they become Blood Brother.

When Mrs Lyon found out about it they shifted. When Eddie found out he didn’t like the idea. But he had to. The last place he went to is Mrs Johnstone’s house. Mrs Johnstone gave Eddie a locket that had her and Mickey so Eddie can remember them while he is somewhere else.

Later on Mrs Johnstone found out that she was shifting. They were all excited.
Act 1 finished.

It was half time I needed to go to the bathroom. I had a paper that had ‘Blood Brothers’ on it. Our break is over now we had to go back to the theater.

Act 2:
Now Mickey and Eddie are 14 with Linda. They keep on growing. When they are 18 Mickey and Linda are married and Eddie is still in love with Linda, Mickey is on pills and he has a job. While Mickey was at work Mrs Lyon showed Mickey that Eddie and Linda was kissing. So Mickey got a gun and he was about to kill Eddie. Right then Mickey stopped because Mrs Johnstone told him that they were twins. At that moment the cop came and shot theme. The narrator questioned Mrs Lyon.

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