Friday, June 14, 2013

Descriptive Writing: Myselft

My self

I have dark brown eyes and black medium hair.   My skin colour is brown and I am chubby.  I am not that tall.  I have multiple dimples when I smile.  My hair is wavy when it is dry.  But when my hair is wet it is straight. I am young.  My face is round.  My eyes are round and I have long eyelashes.  My eyebrows are thick and black.

I am an acceptable person because I accept people. I am very broad-minded. I think optimistically because I try to look at the bright side of things. I try to deal with people diplomatically so I can look professional. I think philosophically most of the time. I am a  very friendly person. I am a very geeky person because I know a lot of geeky thing like the history of video gaming, Star trek, Star wars, Anime, the history of cartoon, and quite a lot about Pokémon . I am a very honest person because I am sincere in what I say.

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