Thursday, September 29, 2011

Suzie and the Space Nuts Part. 2

Polomatoloblehoppledooplediddlypnkleponkponk (Polo)- Is a someone that thinks that he knows everything but he doesn't.

Mettle Sonic V. 4.05(Robot)- Is a robot that thinks humans are Alien Monsters.

Last time on Suzie and the Space Nuts.... “OUR SPACESHIP! It’s... it’s Gone!!!” “Now We’ll NEVER get back home.

Now... “I got an Idea” What is it?” “I’ll be back in a minute!” “Where is she going?” “Here catch!” “What is it?” “My dad’s car key let’s ride!” They got in the car. “YEEHAW!”. Boom they crashed into something. Their space ship now they can fly home. “Let’s go!” He started the engine. “What happened?” “It ran out of gas.”

Will Suzie ever get her ride? Will Gort ever be able to say “Feeblemagreeeblehoppledooplediddlypnkleponkponk”.

Will Feeblemagreeeblehoppledooplediddlypnkleponkponk ever get gas? And will Dad ever get his car fixed? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON Suzie and the Space Nuts!!!

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  1. It wonderful to see what will happen next in the story....


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