Thursday, September 29, 2011

Suzie and the Space Nuts Part. 3

Last time on Helen and the space nuts. Helen was shocked when Polo said “Ha-ha I laugh at the face of danger.”
“Ahhh! Slow down Mettle Sonic.” “What? Speed up okay.” Suzie threw up on Polo. “Ewe humand barf.” They made. Boom. Through the wall. The got trapped in laser beems. “Our Space ship!” “Mwhahaha!” “Uh... Er... Who are you?” “You don’t know me I am evil genius Professor. Meanvil!” “Heheh.” “What is it!” “Meanvil sounds like Whessle.” “Arg! Put them in prison!”

Will Mettle Sonic ever get them out. Will Polo ever be able to open the ship. And will Helen ever get her ride. Find out next time on Helen and the Space Nuts!

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