Friday, May 11, 2012


Yes! This is going to be fun!

Room 7 went to the court. We saw a man there he was holding a ball. The man told us to line up on the yellow line. The man said he was “Coach Blue” We were in four teams at first. But the last two people of each team had to make another line. Now there was five teams. At first I was with Eneasi, Maxine, and Zephaniah.

Coach Blue taught us how to dribble the ball. He told us we can only dribble with one hand. That is the rules in basketball. He was telling us to bend our knees and stick your bottoms out. I thought that was silly but it helped a lot. So I went first. We could have chosen any hand. I used my left hand because I’m left handed. So I dribbled the ball as fast as I can. I was totally awesome. But it was hard for me to turn around and go back. I tried to bounce the ball to Asi as I came closer to him. Asi started to dribble the ball. I went to the back of the line. After that game we only did one hand. And it was the right hand first. Then the left hand. I swapped teams on the last game. We had to flip over the cones. It was fun. I flipped the cone with ease. Conclusion it was AWESOME. I can’t wait till next time!

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