Friday, May 11, 2012

Rona and the Moon

Long ago in New Zealand there was a girl named Rona. It was night and she was thirsty. She looked into the water jar. “Oh no! No water!” So she had to go to the well. She was walking to the well when suddenly... the moon came out. “Thank goodness, I’m nearly at the forest. Rona had the water when the moon disappeared. She dropped the water because she bumped into a tea tree. So she started to curse at the moon. “You %@#*@#$ moon! You can’t do $#*&! SO &*^@ YOU!” The moon came out. “Why have you woken me?!?!” The moon was angry. Rona was still cursing the moon. “You shall be taken away!” Rona finally realised. She started to beg for forgiveness. The moon got more furious at Rona. So the moon began to suck her up. Rona tried to grab a Tea Tree. But the tree got sucked up with her.

Legend says that Rona is still up there. When there is a full moon look closely at it and you’ll see Rona with the tree.
THE END?     

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  1. Good mona. I all ready know that story but that's a better one. I liked the part how rona was send to the moon. Next time put more work to it. Bye Ierei. mona pigy.


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